Jumat, 08 Desember 2017

Extra Curricullar Activities.

Hello guys! welcome back! Today I want to tell you about extracurricullar that I took in SMAN 3 Bandung.

Extracurricullar is an informal activities for student, it is usually out of the lesson time. In my opinion, extracurricullar is having a lot of benefit. You can make a new friend from extracurricullar and also extracurricullar is a medicine to your duty on your school.

Extracurricullar that I took is TST, SSR 3,and Trilogi (Division Trias).

TST mean Tiloe's Theatre. It is theatre extracurricullar. It is really fun. SSR 3 mean Seni Sanggar Rupa 3. It is a decoration extracurricullar. Trilogi mean Tim Riset, Olimpiade, and TEknologi. I joined a Astronomy division.

I think that's all I want to tell you about. Thank you for reading!

Boyscot Camping

Hey! I want to tell you about my experience on boyscot camping. n Indonesia it mean "Kamping Kepramukaan".

We have a boyscot camping in Natural Hills, Lembang. We went there with a republic transportation. We arrived at 9 AM. After that we went to our tent (the tent is already build when we got there). After we took a break we have a ceremony. It is an opening ceremony. After the ceremony me and my team was taught how to have a first aid. After that we taught how to use a compass. And after that we were having a game. We even have to make our own food. At night, we have a campfire.
The next morning we were having a gymnastic. After that we went to Curug Cimahi. It has a beautiful view. After that we were having a closing ceremony. After that we went home. It is an unforgetable moment!

LDKS (Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa)

Hey everybody welcome back! Today I want to tell you about my experience on LDKS.

LDKS itself mean Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa (in english it is called "Basic Training Student Leadership". LDKS is an event that teach us how to be a leadership. Beside teaching us how to be a leadership, it is teaching us how to cooperation with our friends.

And in LDKS i think we can see someone true colors/personality. LDKS also taught us how to be an obdient person to our God. And LDKS also taught us how to be punctual, discipline.

LDKS is implement in three days. On the first and the second day we were given a lesson about leadership and state defense. At day two (night) we are having a trial of guts at Makam Pahlawan. It was really scarry and creepy. At day three we went outbond and watching film about G30SPKI. After that we went home.

LDKS is really an unforgetable experience.

Place That You Should've Go on Holiday (Advertisement)

Heyyyy everybodyyyyy!!! wazzupppp welcome back to my blogg!!

 Today I want to tell you about place that you should've go on the holiday. And that place is Jungleland.

Jungleland...Jungleland! *sing it with a Jungleland theme song*

Jungleland is an amusement park that is located in Kawasan Sentul Nirwana, Bogor, Jawa Barat. It is open from 10 AM untill 5 PM. And for the price is pretty afordable. It is Rp. 155.000 on the weekdays and Rp. 220.000 on the weekend. In Jungleland you can enjoy many rides. There are ride bumper, roller coaster, ferrish wheel and many other fun rides. And for kids there are kiddy land, mini bumper rides,mini ferrish wheel and many more. If you don't have any ideas where to go on the holiday you can go to Jungleland. I think that is what I want to tell you about. Bye!!
You can check link down below for more informations :

Gathapraya : Seni, Sastra, dan Budaya

Hello everybody!!! welcome back to my blog. 
Today I want to tell you about Gathapraya. Gathapraya is a culture festival in SMAN 3 Bandung. Gahapraya was held on November, 30. It is a really spectacular festival! 
In Gathapraya there are a lot of food and an amazing performances. For the guest stars there are Elephant Kind, HiV! and many more. There is a face painting too in Gathapraya. I really love face painting. I was planning on having a face painting, but when I go to face painting booth, it is already closed. 
The gate is open at 12 o'clock. Before the gate open, student from SMAN 3 at the tenth grade is having a parade wearing a traditional clothes. It is really unique. After that there was a fashion contest. I was really enjoying my time with my friends at Gathapraya. The festival ended at the middle at the night. I think it is ended up at 12 AM. When the night comes everybody singing, dancing, and enjoying their time. Include me and my friends, we were dance the night away. It was an amazing day! Gathapraya is really fun!!

Kamis, 24 Agustus 2017

My Holiday Experince featuring Alley

Hey there! Welcome to my blog again! I want to tell you about my new experience. So me and my friend go into vacation together. We were planning to go to Japan  in two weeks. Her name is Allyda. She likes to travel all around the world. The reason why I go to Japan is because to accompany Alley and I am looking for a new paper. For your information, I like to collect paper from all around the world. And I have this voucher that gives 99% discount for the airplane ticket to Japan. Plus, I know everything about Japan. Alley go to Japan,because she have a free ticket for BTS concert. On our first day, we go to same place. Because Alley said that BTS concert is going to be held on the third day of our vacation. We go to Akihabara Prefecture in order to search for ikemen (handsome boy). Alley go to anime store in the corner of Akihabara Prefecture. I kinda craving for popular fried chicken that day. So we are going to fried chicken restaurant. the restaurant called "AGEBAKA". At night we weregoing to different places. I am going to the biggest bookstore in  Japan. It is called "Book Off" and Alley will go to popular maid cafe that called "Maidreamin" . On the next day Alley going to the concert while I have to go back to Indonesia because I have an important business in Indonesia. I think that is the story I want to tell you about. I hope next year I can go on vacation without someone or something interrupting. And I hope on my next vacation Alley will accompany me again. Thank you! Stay tune for my next experience. Bye! 

Kamis, 17 Agustus 2017

My Old Experience.

Hey everybody! Welcome back to my blog again! Today I want to tell you about my old experience. It is an embarrassed moment. It is a true story. This experince happen when I was at the age of 14 yeras old. This experience only happen a couple of months ago. It happen in May, the day when I was having a national exams. I think it is happen in Wednesday. So here it is my story. After the national exams, I went to Taman Lalu Lintas Ade Irma Suryani Nasution on Sumatera street. One the reason why I went to Taman Lalu LIntas Irma Suryani Nasution is because I want to clear my mind. You all probably know how it feels after you are taking an exam. You feel like your head is gonna explode. So, in order to clear my mind I went to Taman Lalu Lintas. After clearing my mind, I was planning to go home. My mother told me, that if I wanna go home from Taman Lalu Lintas, I should take a green public transportation that has "04. Abdul Muis - elang (Kebon Kelapa - Ledeng) " written in the back of the car. So I took a green public transportation. But instead I took public transportation that has "02. Abdul Muis - Dago (Kebon Kalapa - Dago)" written in the back of the car. Between Dago and elang public transportation has the same car color! That's the reason why I took the wrong public transportation. I didn't realize about it until I was at Ir. h. Djuanda street. I asked the driver that I am stop at djuanda street. I feel a little lost there. I feel a little desperate. And then, guess what happen?It was raining so hard! At first, I was gonna make a call with my dad to pick me up. So I called him. But, before I tell him where I was, the phone died! What a bad day! I rember that day I almost criyng! Imagine what I look like, I look like a stupid person! Fortunately, there was a police woman in there. So I ask her where I should go. She told me that I should take a green public transportation again but with an opposite route. So I take the green public transportation. After taking green public transportation, I take blue public transportaion. And then the grey one. I am blessed that I met the police. Imagine if I didn't met her probably I am still lost until now! The moral value is do not go out after you are taking an exam. Hahaaha...just kidding. The moral value is you have to be careful everywhere you go. I think that's the story I want to tell you about. Stay tune for my next experience. Bye!

Extra Curricullar Activities.

Hello guys! welcome back! Today I want to tell you about extracurricullar that I took in SMAN 3 Bandung. Extracurricullar is an informal a...